The World's First Smart Stove Knob®

Ome's patented technology allows you to remotely control your stove by simply replacing the knobs, so you can experience peace of mind whether you're in the kitchen or kicked out of it.

  • Monitor your stove from anywhere

    Adjust the heat of your stove up, down, or turn it off remotely with the Ome app.

  • Set cooking timers

    Never over-cook anything again. Set a timer and let Ome Knob automatically turn off your stove.

  • Control with Alexa

    Hands full but the stove is boiling over? Just ask Alexa to turn down the heat.

Brilliant Ome app.

The Ome app makes controlling your smart knob even easier than turning it yourself. Design your stovetop in the app and control each knob individually with just a tap.

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Thoughtfully designed.

Featuring an award-winning industrial design, Ome Smart Knob is built to last and look beautiful doing it with custom-designed engineered components.

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