Safety and Care

Here are some daily use tips and tricks along + some safety warnings.

Daily Use, Safety & Care Instructions


To keep your Ome Knobs looking and working great, use a cloth (preferably microfiber) dampened with a little bit of mild soap and water whenever needed to remove any grease, food, or residue. Harsh chemicals or abrasives must not be used. In the event that liquids or solids fall on the device, promptly wipe it off with a dry soft cloth.


To charge your Ome knob, simply slide it off of the adapter and insert the provided charging cable into the charging port. Ome knobs should never be charged while installed on your stove.

Avoid letting the battery drain to critically low. Charge as soon as you receive the low battery notification to ensure optimal battery and device performance.


Your Ome knob is designed to function with minimal maintenance. However, to ensure appropriate functionality, if the knob is removed for any reason (to charge, clean, etc.), the adapter set screws must be retightened using the provided small allen wrench. This will ensure that your Ome knob is able to rotate and turn off your stove burner.

Safety Information



All components of the Ome knob are intended for indoor use only.

0℃ (32℉) to 45℃ (113℉) up to 90% humidity

If the knob’s temperature exceeds the maximum safe operating temperature, you will receive a warning via the mobile application. Promptly remove the knob from the heat source and move to a cool, dry location. Failure to do so may result in damage to the device, fire, electric shock, or other injury or damage.


Your device is not intended for underwater use. To protect against electric shock and damage to the device, do not intentionally submerge or immerse your device or charging accessories in water or expose the device to other liquids. Do not spill any food or beverages on your device or charging accessories. Do not attempt to clear or polish your device or charging accessories with or expose your device or charging accessories to oil, lotion, or other abrasive substances. Do not expose your device or charging accessories to salt water or other conductive liquids. Do not submerge your device or charging accessories in water or subject them to pressurized water, high velocity water, or extremely humid conditions (such as a steam room). If your device or charging accessories get wet, carefully unplug any cables without getting your hands wet and wait for it to dry completely before plugging in or using again. Do not attempt to dry your device or charging accessories with an external heat source, such as a microwave oven, oven, or hair dryer. To avoid the risk of electric shock, do not touch your device or charging accessories during a lightning storm while your device or charging accessories is plugged in. If your device or charging accessories appear to be damaged, discontinue use immediately.

Only use accessories supplied with your device, or specifically marked for use with your device. Use of third-party accessories may impact your device’s performance and may void your device’s limited warranty. In addition, use of incompatible third party accessories may damage your device or the third-party accessory.


Keep the device and charging accessories away from direct heat sources, especially when in use or charging. Should the device get too hot, immediately remove the device from the vicinity of the heat source. Failure to do so could result in FIRE, ELECTRIC SHOCK, or OTHER INJURY or DAMAGE. Do not charge your device near water or in extremely humid conditions. Do not open, disassemble, bend, deform, puncture, or shred the device. Do not modify, attempt to insert foreign objects into the device, or immerse or expose to water or other liquids. Do not expose the device to fire, explosion or other hazard. If dropped and you suspect damage, take steps to prevent ingestion or direct contact of fluids and any other materials from the device with skin or clothes.

Protect the device from direct sunlight. The device must not get contact with salt water or conductive liquids. The device must be charged only within a building in a dry state using the provided accessories.

Safely Installing Your Ome Smart Knob

When installing the Ome Smart Knob, you must ensure that all of your stove burners are OFF and the heating elements are not hot. Failure to do so could result in FIRE, ELECTRIC SHOCK, or OTHER INJURY or DAMAGE.

    This product contains small parts such as magnets, which can cause choking or injury if ingested by small children. Keep small parts away from children.
    Your device and its accessories are not toys. Do not allow small children to play with them because children could hurt themselves or others or damage your device. Keep your device and all its parts and accessories out of the reach of small children.
    Parts of your device are magnetic and may attract metallic items. To reduce the potential risk of sparks and resulting damage to your device, other objects, and/or possible personal injury, verify the electrical connection areas are free of metallic objects before connecting the charging cable. Do not place magnetically sensitive devices, credit cards, other magnetic storage media near your device to reduce the potential for magnetic interference between your device and other devices, possible disruption of medical device operation, or corruption of magnetically stored data.
    Although your device is designed, tested, and manufactured to comply with regulations governing radiofrequency emission in the United States, it contains a radio that could affect other electronic equipment or medical devices (such as pacemakers) under certain circumstances, causing them to malfunction and result in possible injury or death.

WARNING: The Smart Knob is not intended to prevent hazards in the home such as but not limited to smoke or fire. It is not intended to replace vigilance or encourage unattended cooking.

This product is only intended to assist you when cooking, allow you to monitor your stove, and turn off the stove due to inactivity. It is not intended to replace you as the homeowner. You are responsible for the safety of your home and following general cooking guidelines.