About our founder.

Ome founder, Akshita, discovered how important it was to have full control in the kitchen when her mom accidentally left the stove on and started a house fire. The accident helped her realize how many people feel tied down in their kitchen when they should feel a sense of freedom. This personal experience led her to build Ome—a simple, affordable way to upgrade any kitchen into a smart one. Ome makes maintaining a stress-free and safe environment a priority when creating your classic go-to's, diving into a new recipe, or simply managing many household tasks.

Our mission.

  • Peace of Mind.

    Eliminating the anxeity of cooking through smarter technology.

  • Simplicity.

    Making complex tech gadgets so easy to use, anyone can learn.

  • Freedom.

    Striving to always give you more of your quality time back.

Why Ome?

Ome makes sure you never have to compromise between cooking a meal and doing other things. So go ahead— read another bedtime story or lay in savasana for an extra 10 minutes without feeling hurried.