• Eliminate the stress of cooking.

    Ome automatically turns off the burner if left on for too long.

  • Peace of mind away from home.

    Get notified if the stove is turned on while you're away.

  • Get distracted by life.

    Set a timer to automatically turn off the burner.

  • Control hands-free.

    Use Alexa to adjust the temperature with your voice.

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Control your stove from your phone.

Our iOS-only Ome app makes controlling your smart knob even easier than turning it yourself. Design your stovetop in the app and control each knob individually with just a tap.

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Easily swap your stove's existing knobs for ours.

Featuring an award-winning industrial design, Ome Smart Knob is built to last and look beautiful doing it with custom-designed engineered components that work with many stoves.

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  • Rating 8.9/10 

    "Impressively, this kitchen gadget self adjusts and shuts off with its precision-engineered hinges."

  • This gadget has revolutionized cooking.

    "Ome helps keep you and your family safe by enabling you to use your stove like never before."

  • Ome will help you prevent a house fire.

    "Plus, most smart ranges cost several hundred dollars more than these knobs."

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